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Through the round window

The challenge…

Whilst handling the plastering on the project the clients decided that they wanted to add a round window in the attic rather than a square one, that was fine but it does come with its own challenges. Firstly we had to fit an angled bead around the revel where it joins the flat wall, with quite a few adjustments and cuts to allow us to make it sit perfectly. The degree of the window reveal was at such an angle that we need special tools to allow us to get the perfect finish.

Grand Designs

One of the exciting parts of the project was that it was to feature on Grand designs, we have worked on several projects in and around the Brighton area that have featured on the program but its always fun to work on these types of projects were we are pushed to design and build complex and interesting plaster work.

Award winners

Not only did the project feature in Grand Designs but we also achieved an award from British Gypsum for the most original use of plaster 2017… “The Smoothy of The Year Award”

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