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Bungalow modernisation

The brief…

The property is at the top of cliffs in an exposed position and constantly under attack from the elements. The owner needed something to not only help protect the property from the weather but also improve the ascetics of the building, modernising it and making it look great.

Bungalow case study

An obvious approach

Was to use a through colour silicone render to add additional protection from the wind and rain but also to strengthen the already damaged brickwork. Then a further silicone protective coat was added afterwards to seal and give extra protection, whilst also giving a 20 year manufacturer guarantee.

Bungalow case study

A happy client

The client was not only over the moon with the results but was also really happy with the way the project was handled. Rendering the outside of a building with spray machine in a residential area could have potentially lead to issues… but a lot of care was taken to make sure this wasn’t an issue.

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