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Listed wall replication

What the client needed

Around the front of the grade two listed property is a listed decorative wall; over time it had been damaged because of its position by the sea front and the constant effects of sea air and moisture. The client had very little choice but to try and get the wall rebuilt.

External moulding

Our experience

With listed buildings there are restrictions on what you are allowed to do, you have to replace damaged elements on a like for like basis. This is where our very specialist expertise come in, the only way to replace the decorative wall was to rebuild it in the same way that it was originally built; or as close to that as we could.

To recreate the decorative wall we had to first cast a template of the structure, so we removed a section of the wall and at our workshop we recreated an exact copy. We then cast this in a full size section, transported the whole wall back to the property and installed it replacing the original.

The finished article

In the end you simply can’t tell the difference between the original and the replacement wall, its our expertise that allows us to complete work of this importance and at this quality.

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