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Renovation of Portsmouth FC Stadium Corners

Client Overview

One of our longest-standing reputable main contractors approached us with a unique opportunity. They were tasked with enhancing the infrastructure of Portsmouth FC, one of the UK’s oldest and most esteemed football clubs. The project involved the construction of two corners of the football stadium to accommodate new turnstiles, toilet blocks and a control room.

Challenges Faced

The primary challenge with this project was to provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing rendering solution. The render needed to be resilient enough to adapt to various substrates while withstanding the regular foot traffic, typical of their 21,100-seat stadium. Additionally, it was crucial that the render maintained its visual appeal to complement the overall aesthetic of the stadium.

Proposed Solution

After carrying out a thorough on-site assessment and understanding the unique nuances of the project, we proposed a solution utilising Krend’s silicone scraped render. This approach involved applying a robust basecoat reinforced with full mesh cloth, followed by a fine finish. It not only ensured the durability of the render but also aimed to prolong its cleanliness over time.


To minimise the disruption to the stadium operation, this project was meticulously planned. With strict timelines in place, our team had to work diligently to erect scaffolding and complete the rendering work between games. Despite facing a very wet winter (2024), our experienced site manager and dedicated team navigated through the challenges with efficiency and professionalism.


The successful completion of this project stood as a testament to our commitment of delivering high-quality workmanship under some challenging circumstances. The rendered corners of the stadium now boast a pristine appearance, seamlessly blending with the existing architecture while providing the necessary durability to withstand the demands of a bustling football venue.

Next steps

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