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Fullers Assist Another Dry Lining Company

This is a project where we were asked by another dry lining company to help them out with the stair winder detailing. This is the detailing of the  underside of staircases, where the stairs turn. It is not possible to plaster board due to the server angles.

The project

Firstly, we battened the underside of the stairs and then meshed the area fully. We then added a coat of bonding to the mesh and allowed this to cure. We then added further coats of plaster to achieve the required shape. This then allowed us to cure before we skimmed the winder.

Photo Gallery

As you can see by the photos, this is a very difficult process which defies the laws of gravity. We have been very impressed with level of workmanship from our employees on this project. It is a very skilled job.

Next steps

If you have a project such as this bespoke render and are looking for a professional plastering and rendering company, then please either call us on 01273 686368 or send us an email to find out how we can help you.