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Devonshire Area of Eastbourne

The Project

The project was to replicate the current façade for a beautiful old and very large building complex  in the Devonshire area of Eastbourne, making it A1 fire rated.

This was a Government funded safety project which required the out of date external insulation to be removed from the existing building and replace with a new cavity wall system with duel density insulation, and a new aluminium cornice detail.

Works commenced late January 2022. Once the building was stripped back to substrate, it was evident that there would need to be substantial packing out to get the building flat again.  We continued working, packing the new rail system with metal shims which being metal, wouldn’t melt or combust if any fire was to try to penetrate the building.

Once the rails were packed out flat, we were able to fit a new cornice and start to fit the insulation.

When the insulation was on the wall, we were able to apply the first coats of render and well as replicate the time intense quoin and band details. Groove render (ashlar) was required on the first block on the upper floors as well as the ground floor on both blocks. These details were formed using a smaller insulation as well as plenty of detail mesh to stop the render from cracking. At this point, a representative from K-Systems commented that there would never be another project like this again – that it is one of a kind in the UK!

Once the shape of the render was formed, a primer was hand applied and then a silicone top coat to follow. As you can see from the photos attached, the detailing on this project was expansive. This also added to the timescale of the project. Summer 2022 was one of the hottest on record which at times stopped work, with autumn 2022, and spring 2023 some of the wettest, all proving to be a challenge for the project.

So, after approximately a 4 month time extension, we finished the project in 18 months and we are very proud of the outcome.


Next steps

If you have a project similar to this very large building complex  in the Devonshire area of Eastbourne and are looking for a professional plastering and rendering company, then please either call us on 01273 686368 or send us an email to find out how we can help you.