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Central Brighton Flat Renovation

This is a project completed last week. We still need to get some “after” photographs, but it was a challenge to pull everything together – the customer is very pleased.

The Project

We were asked to lay a 75mm fibre screed in a 1 bedroom apartment in the centre of Brighton. The floor was to be laid to produce a natural fall into drains to achieve wet rooms, without the rooms actually being formed yet.

Being in the centre of Brighton, the hardest part was to get the material to site from ready mix. We arranged and then sectioned an area from Brighton council and dropped it there. It then took 3 labourers to move the screed safely around, with speed and efficiency, to get the slab (floor) down in one.

It was also important to ensure we had the correct quantity delivered, which was successfully achieved by a site survey, once the insulation was laid.

Please click on the photographs if you would like to enlarge them.

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