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Bespoke Render For a Seaside Property

Here is a case study for a thin coat render system. This project is in Peacehaven which is a town on the south coast exposed to the weather elements. Therefore a bit of thought and technique were needed to ensure longevity of the property exterior.

The project

The project consists of an extension to a block of flats built from timber frame. We were asked by the client to suggest a render system. We contacted John Malone from Magply (render board manufacturer) along with Mark from Krend (render manufacturer) and between us we came up with a suitable specification for the location and relevant surroundings.

First the 12.5mm render board was fitted, following the pattern suggested to add strength to the structure. We then sprayed Krend base coat incorporating mesh cloth and beads to leave a smooth finish (shown in the videos). This was then left to cure for the recommended period of time before we primed and top coated in silicone TC 15.

The difficult parts of the project were working against the events of wind and rain in this exposed area. The render board is heavy to move around site and can be very difficult to handle in windy conditions. The project is still to be completed as we enter the Christmas period so hopefully we can finish before the cold sets in.

Photo Gallery

There will be more photographs to be added, once the scaffolding has been removed.

Next steps

If you have a project such as this bespoke render and are looking for a professional plastering and rendering company, then please either call us on 01273 686368 or send us an email to find out how we can help you.